Following on from the release of singles ‘Kids’ and ‘So Right’ earlier this year, synth enthusiast RJ Thompson is back with new release ‘Forget The Day’.

Nostalgic and up-tempo but with tragic undertones of suicide, RJ addresses mental health as it often plays out, quite publicly on social media. Incredibly relevant for the times we live in, Forget About The Day challenges our digital interactions and questions whether any of us are really connecting with our friends and family.

"I got tired of writing cryptic messages about my own mental health, but I watched so many people close to me struggle. So many people battle with the ups and downs of everyday life. I try to speak about mental health with my friends and family very openly, but publicly I've always, for whatever reason, been quiet. Forget About The Day is the opposite. It's straight to the point. Nothing cryptic. A song written for everyone who is struggling in one way or another... we need to talk about these things."

The single is the third release from his forthcoming album, ‘Lifeline’ out in September. Keep your eyes peeled for the accompanying music video, out on Wednesday next week.

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