With an incredible five million plus plays of their debut album, South City, the ever-popular London-based hip-hop duo, Too Many T’s, are once again switching lanes and shifting focus towards their passion for environmental issues.

Last time out, it was bees, with a successful campaign to raise money to provide hives for 60,000 of our buzzing buddies; this time around, it’s trees – Too Many Trees: https://igg.me/at/toomanytrees

The direct-action campaign – to be launched alongside the new video - will compel those watching to assist the duo in planting an initial 10,000 trees, part of an almighty multi-million tree target alongside planting partner and Prince’s Trust affiliated, ‘Gone West’. The trees planted will be British Oak and will be contractually protected for a minimum 99 years.

On 24th June the latest music video will be released, with cameos from multiple furry friends and a no-nonsense message of “This Earth is F**ked”. Shot at Vauxhall City Farm and produced by The Rattle.

It’s not only a beautifully balanced ballad of rage, comedy, and genuine concern, however, but a rallying cry to fans to step up, combine efforts, and make a real difference.

The global lockdown has sparked a record drop in carbon emissions - expected to be 4-8% over the course of 2020. However, a reduction of 7.6% is required year-on-year throughout the next decade in order to avoid catastrophic climate change and “the T’s” want to use their platform to deliver this message to their audience and be catalysts for real change.

Rapper Ross of TMTs, who has a master’s degree in Sustainability says “We aim to make people feel good, but we also really care about the state of the earth and have to speak up and take action in whatever way we can. Trying to combine this positive vibe while highlighting the plight of the earth is not an easy task, but we’ve tried to do that with this project.”

“Launching the track reminds us that there are still many serious issues we are facing, both nationally and globally, and we offer some direct action with Too Many Trees - something we hope will snowball over the years into a huge movement.”

Produced alongside France’s DJar One, ‘This Earth is F**ked’ is an upbeat, funk-infused, old school hip-hop jam with clever lyricism disguising a hard-hitting reality check on the environment and world issues. The lyrics work their way through climate change, pollution, deforestation, corporate greed, and hypocrisy – while maintaining the wit and humour that has become synonymous with Too Many T’s.
The Too Many Trees campaign will give individuals the opportunity to be part of a solution to climate change, with donations from £2 to plant a single tree and up to £1000 to offset an individual’s average yearly carbon emissions and have a song written about them. Highlighting environmental issues through hip hop, Too Many T’s have found a unique way of raising awareness to a growing audience.

The first planting mission will be at a secret location outside London in October, with fans invited to join the band in planting trees for the day - a fun occasion to come together with food, drinks, and an old-school hip hop playlist co-created by Too Many T’s and their fans.

Shot by Morgan @wearetherattle / Edit by @philpheburbs & additional FX by @benny_aves