Multi-platinum R&B superstar Trey Songz is using his voice to shed light on the injustices faced in the black community at the hands of police brutality and institutionalised racism with a striking single, '2020 Riots: How Many Times'. A portion of the proceeds from the release of the single will directly benefit both Black Lives Matter and the Community Justice Exchange’s National Bail Fund Network.

Protesting on the frontlines gave Trey the inspiration that he needed to finish the song. “Three or four nights ago I woke up in the middle of my sleep…I couldn’t sleep. My chest was hurting. I got up and called my producer, Troy Taylor and I said "We’ve got to make music that really touches the soul, that really addresses what the world is feeling right now. Especially our people. So we came up with ‘2020 Riots: How Many Times'." With the words in this song I just wanted to speak to everyone’s hearts and acknowledge the pain and anguish everyone is going through right now. I know this ain’t usually my message and you’re not used to hearing this from me, but this is the person I’ve always been.”