Having suffered with back pain most of my adult life I am constantly looking for ways to mitigate the resultant pain which is compounded by long spells working on my laptop.

On hearing about the VariDesk adjustable-height desktop I leapt at the chance to test it out this new bit of kit and benefit from better workplace posture.

In essence it is a standing-desk solution and is an easy and effective way to change the way you work. The desk arrives fully assembled only needing to be placed on top of your existing desk..

Extremely well made and box ready this system works placed onto and existing table and in seconds offers you a multitude of different heights to work at.

The easily accessible dual-handle design either side of the Varidesk convert the height to your perfect straight-back working height within seconds. With 11 adjustable height settings there are plenty of options.

Please watch the video below to get a better understanding of how the Varidesk can work for you.

The VariDesk® ProPlus Series by Vari® from Vari® on Vimeo.

The weighted base makes the Varidesk extremely stabile without having to use bolts, clips, or clamps.

I've also found that it can also be used on a side table to work from a seated position allowing the height to be adjusted for that all-important individual straight back position allowing the desk to come towards you instead of having to arch over the desk should you find this solution more practical.

The dual-handle spring-assisted lift makes it easy to adjust your desktop throughout the day in seconds..

Thousands of 5-star reviews confirm that this two-tier design with lower keyboard deck is a viable solution to aid your workplace posture.

VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36
Finish available in Black or White

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Designed for Safety
The VariDesk rowing lift and spring-assisted lift can reduce the impact of raising your desk on your back. The dual-handle lift and patented foam-wrapped steel mechanism protects against pinch points.

Stable at Any Height
A weighted base means your VariDesk desktop converter will be stable and steady at any height, sitting or standing.

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