With her own headlining show on Celebrity Cruise Line covering Whitney Houston hits, it was never a question of whether Ashlie Amber had the pipes. But there was the question of whether she could win over an audience when she wasn't simply performing cover songs. Well, that question has been answered. With Ashlie Amber's debut original single "Almost Love" hitting over 50,000 Spotify streams in just 3-months, it is clear she has the magic touch and is winning over an audience performing her own music. Best of all? It's in the country music category.

Why is this special? Because Ashlie Amber is currently on a mission to be one of the first Black Female Country Stars to have top 40 success and beyond. Ashlie's vision is that her music will help pave the way for a new generation of music, open minded thinking and a new outlook on music today.

We can certainly get behind that! Check out "Almost Love" and start spreading the positivity!