Music legend Joan Baez says the Trumpification of the United States is like the fall of the Roman Empire and that conservatives like Tony Abbott surely cannot believe their own words.

When asked if the young Joan Baez could have ever foreseen American taking someone like like Donald Trump seriously Joan told, “My mum tells me, because I don’t remember, when I was about 14 I’d been reading ‘The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire’ and I came out to where she was ironing and she said that I said that I said that I said ‘the same thing is going to happen to the United States what happened in the Roman Empire’. Now I don’t know whether to gloat or mourn. I thing we have long since began crumbling. Not to mention the global refusal to deal with Global Warning which will probably get us all anyway”.

About Australia’s extreme right-wing Prime Minster Tony Abbott, who is on record as saying ‘Climate change is crap’ Joan commented, “He is like whoever our Republican was who through a snowball across the room in Congress and said ‘you call this Global Warming’. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if they really believe things that we think are crazy. I know a lot of Conservatives are in this terrible struggle with themselves because they know they will loose their votes if they say they think Global Warming is real. They are still at that level. It is hard to imagine they are serious and that there isn’t some ridiculous scam behind what they are saying.”