Miguel's new album represents hope and desperation.

The Grammy-award winning singer's third record, Wildheart, is released next week and follows on from 2012's Kaleidoscope Dream.

It's hard for Miguel to pinpoint his favourite track from the album, but he has no trouble picking the best lyric.

"The new album is stamped with attitude, psychedelia, aggression, loneliness, sex, viscera... this album is twilight. It’s hope and desperation," he told GQ Australia.

"[The standout lyric -] oh man. I think it would be 'Don’t sell yourself for anything' is one of my favourite lyrics. It means f**k the valley. It means do not accept the programming. It means make the choice that feels like freedom, be and do and live everything that you believe in without consequence or fear of consequence. Be it of society, family, friends. Be yourself."

Over his career, Miguel has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, most recently with Rod Stewart, Mark Ronson and A$AP Rocky on A$AP's Everyday.

He cites Jack White, Alabama Shakes, J. Cole, alt-J, Darkside and Kendrick Lamar, who he's previously collaborated with, as the hottest names in music right now.

Talking about how the music business works, the 29-year-old says fans have the ability to change things.

"Man, honestly, the industry is what it is. It’s not really my business to change the industry. I mean, I think, at this point, the fans and society change the industry. It’s the fans who dictate how the game is played and how the industry answers those needs.

"I’m here to make f**king music and live my f**king dream," he added. "And hopefully inspire people to do what they believe in. But it doesn’t have to be the same things I believe in. Life is about being, doing, what the f**k you believe. And that’s what I want to inspire."