Mama B, also known as Jacq Becker, has long been recognized for her catchy pop melodies and impactful lyrics in the mainstream music scene. But today, she’s crafting waves in a different ocean—children’s music. With the release of her innovative album ‘Imaginology’, Mama B is setting a new standard for music that transcends age, appealing to the imaginations and hearts of both children and their parents.

Released this month ahead of Mother’s Day, ‘Imaginology’ is a gateway to a world of creativity, joy, and shared family experiences.

Drawing on her extensive experience in the music industry, Mama B has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of children’s music. This album, which she describes as being sparked by the “innocent musings of her own children,” offers a sophisticated blend of upbeat dance tracks and soothing melodies that are as enjoyable for parents as they are for kids. Her latest single, “Puffer Fish,” exemplifies this blend with its infectious rhythm and playful lyrics, aiming to be a household favorite.

We spoke to Mama B about the inspirations and creative processes behind ‘Imaginology.’ Here’s what she had to share:

What inspired the concept and title of your new album, ‘Imaginology’?
All the songs on the album are meant to spark creativity, movement, and joy. 'Imaginology' seemed like the perfect title to encompass all these feelings!

After a successful career in pop music, what motivated your transition to children’s music with the persona Mama B?
It was an organic transition into Children's Music when I started having kids. I couldn't exactly find what I was looking for and felt like I could really contribute to this genre. I wanted to create contemporary children's music that both parents and kids could enjoy together. Sonically, I wanted my records to reflect great production, catchy melodies, and lyrics kids could repeat, all elements found in good pop songs!

How does your songwriting process for children's music differ from when you were writing pop songs for mainstream artists and TV shows?
For me, the songwriting process didn't change but the overthinking and self-doubt was checked at the door. When writing for children, there is such inherit joy in the creative process.

Do you have a favorite track on ‘Imaginology’? Could you share the story behind its creation?
I have two! “Puffer Fish” and “Little Brother.” Puffer Fish was written with the hopes of finding a similar vibe to the Harry Nilsson song, “Coconut.” The production and melody of “Coconut” is infectious and wanted to provide a similar soundscape and repetitive lyric for kids!

“Little Brother” was written from the perspective of my older son who was patiently waiting for his little brother to be born. I love how we captured his voice on the track talking to his little brother.

How do you ensure that your music connects with both young listeners and their parents?
There is never any guarantee, but my hope for 'Imaginology' was that parents would enjoy the album so much that they would forget they were listening to “Children's music” after they dropped their kids off at school. My intention for each song was to write songs with whole families in mind, as music is a shared experience.

Which artists or genres influenced the sound and style of ‘Imaginology’?
My kids really influenced the sound and style. I was paying attention to what contemporary music resonated with them. For my older son, he was really into the production sounds of Dua Lipa tracks so I wanted to make some dance / movement songs that would resonate with his age group.

Can you tell us about any collaborations on this album? How did these artists contribute to the final product?
I have been collaborating with Marty Maro, Anders Mouridsen, and Connor Marks for over a decade now.

How have you all been able to push each other as creatives and artists?
'Imaginology' is definitely a by-product of long-standing collaborations, we have known each other for more than a decade! My producer Marty Maro and I went to college together and played in bands together when we first moved to LA. Songwriter/producer, Anders Mouridsen was one of the first musicians I met in LA and his musicianship continues to amaze me. Though Marty and Anders don't often write in the children's genre, we all happened to become parents relatively around the same time which made writing this album even more organic and fun!

What have been the most challenging and rewarding aspects of creating music specifically for children?
I feel like good children's music can stay with children their whole lives! I want to create children's music that stands the test of time and that children play for their children when they get older. The most rewarding thing is to get messages and videos from friends showing how their kids are engaging with the music! No bigger compliment.

Since the release of the album, what has been the most memorable feedback you’ve received from your young listeners or their families?
When they tell me the album is on repeat it lights me up beyond! Also, someone described my music as 'Reading Rainbow-meets-The Spice Girls: fun, catchy, and equal parts soothing and enjoyable for all ages.' Def a memorable description!

Looking ahead, do you have any plans for more albums as Mama B, or perhaps other projects aimed at children?
Definitely! I feel like I'm just getting started. I would love to record 'Imaginology' in Spanish. I already have a phone full of voice memos of new song ideas as well.

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Photo credit: Matt Catalano