Wolfgang Van Halen says there are no plans at present to release songs from his late father Eddie Van Halen's vault following his passing.

The Van Halen guitarist passed away at the age of 65 in October, following a battle with cancer.

And his son has warned fans "not to hold their breath" when it comes to the likelihood of him going through his late father's old recordings to release any unheard tracks.

Speaking to The Oakland Press, he said: “That’s not gonna happen for a long time.

“I have no idea what’s in there that would be worth releasing.

“To a certain extent, my dad released all the good stuff. Even without the intention to release, I want to archive it properly and digitise it, so everything is safe for years to come. It’s going to be an incredibly difficult process and a very long process to do properly.”

The 29-year-old musician admitted he feels releasing archived tracks "just seems like a cash grab".

And if they did ever decided to put anything out, it would have to be done right.

He added: "I think when a very important musician passes, you usually see right away the compilations of unreleased music that maybe should have stayed unreleased, and it just seems like a cash grab to take hold of the moment.

“I’ve always disagreed with that, so if we’re ever gonna do anything with the vault, I want to make sure we do it right and do something that dad would be okay with. So I humbly ask the Van Halen fan base to not hold their breath on this, because you’ll pass out.”