Julian Rosso is a South African and Italian musician currently living in London. His latest release, "Drift" is the first of three volumes, with each release accompanied by a short story to further enrich the release.
"I wanted to create a more in depth experience," says Julian. "One with a short story and song that match up. Each volume has a song and a short story that accompanies it, and each volume thereafter continues the story directly where the last one left off."

Combining his love of music and stories, Julian Rosso hopes to create his own medium of storytelling.

"Being a songwriter is being a storyteller. That's all it is and I wanted to create a literal soundtrack to each short story. It's exciting, as I get to create a world that's a little different and has a bit more substance than just words to a song."

Partnering up with Sharklife, a South African based charity focused on the conservation and education of sharks and oceanic life , Julian will be donating all royalties from his release "Drift". Growing up near the sea in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Julian knows all about the importance of education and conservation of sharks, as it's a huge part of the natural ecosystem.

"Sharks have been a huge figure in my life. They're given this villain-esque personality and it's just not true. We need them way more than they need us. That's why I'm really happy to have partnered with Sharklife and help their amazing work in any way I can."

"Vol.1 - Drift" has been released and you can name your price (where the royalties will be donated to Sharklife) on www.julianrosso.com.

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