This morning Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa caught up with legendary Singer Songwriter Sia. Sia has been in isolation with her best friend who is a meditation instructor and masseuse so she has been loving this lockdown period!! Sia also talked about her adopted teenagers and explains she adopted because she lost her embryos after she divorced her husband. Sia also said she has unexpectedly become best friends with the Kardashians and has spent an absolute fortune on what she calls “wankery” furniture including a penis shaped chandelier and floor boards worth 1.2 million dollars!

Fitzy “Was there a point where you thought about slipping back on spending isolation in radeladie”
Sia “Raaadliade....NO”
Sia “I’m on holidays with my best friend who is a meditation teacher and a masseuse. I’ve hit the lockdown jackpot!”
Fitzy “Has this time been beneficial in the in the fact that you can sit down and get a bit of time to write, have you been productive?”
Sia “A little bit, but mostly I’m lazy. So I made this movie called ’Music’, I wrote it, I directed it and it was harder than anything I’ve ever done in my whole entire life. But then we go to the editing process and I wanted to die so I basically haven’t done anything for about four years. So we were in the editing process and coronavirus hit.”
“It’s a beautiful musical that takes place in the head of a teenager called Music played by Maddie Ziegler who is on the autism spectrum. So all the musicals take place in her brain”
Wippa “What a musical, how long did that take you to write?”
Sia “Eight years!”
Fitzy “Can we go through what’s in your new house?”
Sia “Yeah sure, there’s some really Wankery things! I’ve got a really fancy Steinway piano and I had stripped so that like it’s nude”
Wippa “And what song is that from?”
Sia “I’m gonna say Diamonds with Rhianna”
Wippa “And is there a chandelier?”
Sia “Yes there is, it’s penis shaped. I don’t know why I chose it but it’s really globular and when I put it up I realise it look like a lot of uncircumcised penises!”
Sia “Dusk till Dawn was a bit of a surprise hit, and that bought me my floor boards which were $1.2 million! Have I turned into a complete wanker? I’m just keeping up with the Joneses because I started hanging out with famous people!”
Sia “Because I bought this massive house, I was married at the time and then I got a divorce. All my embryos are with that dude so I thought I was gonna have loads of children but I can’t now so I adopted two.” “I like to get my friends off the television mostly, Lena Dunham is my friend, Kathy Griffin is my friend. I contact them all, I tell them that I love them. The Kardashian’s are some of my best friends which I never thought would happen.”
Fitzy “What do you want us to bring over from Australia when we visit?
Sia “a violet crumble, some Promite and pawpaw ointment in the red tube”