James Safechuck has accused Michael Jackson of grooming the world after he allegedly suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of the King of Pop.

Safechuck and Wade Robson's story forms a new four-hour documentary, Leaving Neverland, which recounts, in graphic detail, the sexual abuse the Thriller hitmaker reportedly subjected them both to when they were children.

The late singer’s family have hit back at the HBO film, directed by Dan Reed, but the accusers, along with Reed, are sticking by their version of events, and spoke about how Michael managed to fool the world during a chat on BBC news show Victoria Derbyshire on Friday (01Mar19).

“There's a long grooming process for Michael. He inserts himself into your family and becomes part of your family,” Safechuck told the presenter. "He grooms the children and grooms the parents as well. It's a meticulous build-up for him to be able to do that and it takes him a while to build the trust. It doesn't happen overnight.

"Not letting our parents off or saying it's not their fault but I think people need to understand that it just doesn't happen right away.

"It shows how Michael groomed the world."

Both men went into detail about the alleged abuse that took place when they’d spend the night with Michael, who was cleared of child molestation charges in 2005, at his Neverland Ranch.

For Robson, he wants the wider public to be aware that abusers are often people known to victims.

"Most of the time it's not the scary guy in the van in the alleyway,” he sighed. "Of course, that happens sometimes but I think it is the minority of cases. Most of the time it's the coach, the uncle, the teacher, the stepfather, the father, the mother, whatever.

"Somebody who is absolutely trusted, who has gained the trust of the child first and foremost, then the whole family. This was the case.

"Michael made sure from day one that he had a really special relationship with me, and that he had a really special separate relationship with my mother and with my sister and then my father.”

He added that Michael, in “an unnoticeable way”, began to create a wedge between Robson, who was an aspiring dancer at the time, and his family right from the start.

"He was just a master manipulator,” he concluded.