Kevin Blake Goodwin is a progressive fingerstyle electric and acoustic guitar player from Conway, Arkansas (USA).

He is the 2015 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar champion, an international acoustic guitar competition held annually in Kingston, Ontario and the winner of the 2016 (Acoustic Division) and 2017 (Electric Division) Guitar Wars - the longest running guitar competition in America.  

He is the founder of FRETMONKEY RECORDS, a popular Indie guitar record label encompassing 23 guitar players spanning 10 countries whose mission is to create career-changing opportunities for musicians across the globe. In addition, he is a music videographer, audio engineer, a producer at FRETMONKEY RECORDS studio, and an active member of the Grammys.  He co-hosts a popular weekly syndicated internet guitar radio show, "Slap Nutz," in four counties. His highly anticipated albums, “Dissonance” (electric), and its bi-polar companion, “Resonance” (acoustic) are set to be released in 2018.

His electric and acoustic music is a blend of haunting jazz, Djent metal, and rock melodies coupled with traditional percussive fingerstyle guitar techniques. His music has been described as “Tosin Abasi meets Andy McKee,” “the next big thing in metal” and as the “21st Century Acoustic Man” who possesses “outrageous guitar skills.”


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