Hamish Anderson and his 3 piece band from Australia offer something different to the rock music scene which has of late been overwhelmed with electronic and experimental chords. Its almost as if Anderson went back to basics to show just how good rock music really!

The early Oasis sounding dirty guitaring is accompanied masterfully by the rugged yet quality lyrics provided by Hamish. The guitar riff half way through Howl is especially pleasing and would certainly get the crowd off their seats!

Lets not forget the unsung hero of the song though - the bass! Just after that splendid guitar riff, the bassist Jeremy Hede (not just praising my name sake!) really takes the track to another level with a few seconds of brilliance!

Howl really shows exactly why Hamish Anderson is making a name for himself! With a producer that has worked with rock heavyweights Weezer, Hamish Anderson is certainly a star in the making and one to listen out for over the next year!