Crestillion is a Visual Rock/Pop Punk band from Stockholm, Sweden. They are not your traditional Pop Punk band. Crestillion works hard to take their inspiration and turn it into some amazing for their fans.

Crestillion is a really down to earth band that likes to get to know their fans and hearing that they could relate to their songs and their thoughts on it. Though Crestillion is a newer band they are hard at work and they put their hart and soul into ever they do.

Can you start by introducing yourselves?
We're a visual pop punk band, with four current members:

Vocalist - Petri
Guitarist - Lilo
Bassist - Kriss
Drummer - Kitcha

Could you give us a brief overview of the band?
We have our influences from both east and west, mixing both elements to create our unique pop punk sound. We combine this with a visual image, resembling the visual bands from Japan.

How did the band come together and how did it get its members?
It started out as a simple idea between Petri and Kitcha, since they shared the same musical visions. It quickly turned into real ambitions, and they started the band Crestillion. They got in contact with the guitarist Lilo, who got to prove his amazing skills when playing together with the rest. As for Kriss, he is an old friend to Petri who just happened to be the perfect bassist for the band.

How do your families feel about all of you being in a band?
Our parents are all very supportive, though some of them needed some time to get convinced.

Do you find it hard in the music field because you are an unsigned band?
It's a lot of hard work and really needs dedication, but it's ever so rewarding when we see the results.

Are there any pet peeves you have with your band mates?
Whenever it's getting late, Lilo can't stay serious. So he brings all sorts of jokes up.

What is one fun fact you think we should know about the band members?
There are many things to say, but our personal favorite is our ability to turn every negative situation we've encountered into a really funny story.

Do you think Stockholm is open to your music?
Since our focus lies on catchy tunes and sing-a-long parts, we do hope our music is well received. The visual image and genre itself is a growing phenomenon here in Stockholm, thanks to similar bands.

Would you say your band has gone through a lot of member change-ups?
No, though Petri used to play the bass in our early days before changing to vocals.

Could you tell us how you got started in the music world?
Petri: I wrote my first song when I was four - on a baby piano, haha! I've always been playing music as a hobby, but it wasn't until my former band Still Echo was formed (2009) that I started to get serious.
Kitcha: Ironically for me, it all started 3 years ago when I saw Petri's old band Still Echo. They became so much of an inspiration to me, and since I secretly wanted to learn playing drums I got started.
Lilo: A long time ago I started to write random emo songs on my guitar haha! Good times!
Kriss: Me and my friend wanted to start a band with me on guitar and him on drums, and our biggest inspiration at that time was Metallica!

Who is your inspiration?
Lilo: The band An cafe inspired me to play the music I love, and a band called Like Torches who are from the same area as me.
Kriss: Metallica would probably be my biggest inspirations.

Petri: An Cafe and SuG have inspired me musically and style-wise, especially when I played the bass.
Kitcha: Definitely the japanese band MUCC. I love both their music and the way they mix genres, not limiting themselves to one.

What part of the world would you say your biggest fans are?
In both Sweden and America.

What was the first song you remember singing together as a band?
Our song One Last Miracle, in it's really early stages.

Did you have any favorite musicians you looked up to?
Petri: I'd have to say The Ark. Their music and lyrics have inspired and touched so many people, including myself. They were also an amazing live band before disbanding.
Lilo: An American band called Finch, for making the music they want to do and mixing genres.
Kriss: Paramore, I've been following them since 2009 and it has been fun watching them develop their music and style.
Kitcha: Besides MUCC, I look up to SOPHIA, ex vocalist of Blood Stain Child. She's really down to earth when she interacts with her fans, and has an unlimited amount of energy on stage.

Have you ever been in a music competition?
Both Petri and Kitcha have been in one each with their former bands.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
Though they're hard to predict, we practice a lot so we can avoid them all together. If they occur, the best thing is to just keep on going.

Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?
Some of us do. In during a performance however, it's much easier to loosen up.

What do you feel as you sing?
Petri: It's kind of like entering a different state of mind, to be able to just let go of all thoughts and worries to just focus on the music. To be able to communicate messages and feelings so directly to the audience, to me it's so much more intense than playing an instrument - it's amazing!

Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it?
Kriss: Keane - Somewhere only we know
Lilo: A loss for words - A theme for your ego
Kitcha: Silverstein – Apologize

Petri: It has happened more than once, for different reasons. Though most of the songs are too embarrassing for me to name.

Do you ever get lost in the music?
Yes, there are some songs that really brims with the emotions the artists felt as they wrote them. And even more so when playing your own tunes!

Do you plan to make music for as long as you can?
As long as we still find pleasure in writing and playing music, we will. We plan to stick with it for the rest of our lives, as music will always remain in our hearts.

If you could pick anyone who would you like to do a duet with?
We would love to work together with Kyary, Pamyu one day.

If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life who would it be?
Kitcha: Yet again, that would be MUCC.
Petri, Lilo and Kriss: Impossible for us to choose!

What size venues do you like to play most?
As long as we have an awesome and supportive audience, any size can do. Though our long term goal is playing in arenas.

If you weren't a musician. What would you be and why?
Kitcha: As hard as it seems to believe, I would have been a lawyer.
Lilo: Probably something with business and money, not because I love it, it's just what I am good at.
Kriss: I would probably be doing something with music anyway.

Petri: I'd be a hairdresser! I already cut, dye and style for everyone in the band, as well as a few others.

What do you like to do beside music?
Kitcha: Friends, parties and video games.
Lilo: Party, hang with friends and skateboarding/longboarding.
Kriss: Studying and longboarding.

Petri: I love to create. I do hairdressing, I paint and draw, sculpt, crochet, design clothes, bake and more. Just about any kind of crafts I can get my hands on!

Who does the song writing in your band?
It's different for each song, as every member contributes to the song writing!

What are your goal and dreams for your music career?
We have big ambitions, but our greatest wish is to spread our music and emotions to as many people as possible, as well as being an inspiration. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that we've changed someone's life to the better.

What are your thoughts on doing an album?
We will definitely record an album in the future.

What age range would you say your music speaks to?
Our fans are mainly under 30 years old, most are teenagers. But we really don't want to set a limit. If more people of different age get to enjoy our music, it makes us all the happier!

Growing up did you always want to be a musician or did you have another plain in mind?
Kitcha: Before I found music, I studied everything from medicine and maths to law and programming. Sure wasn't half as fun though, haha.
Lilo: Pretty much since I was 12-13.
Kriss: I've always wanted to be a musician.

Petri: As a kid I wanted to search for dinosaurs and the Loch Ness monster, haha! Then I wanted to be a comic artist or scientist until I started playing rock music at 13-14 years of age.

What is the meaning behind your songs?
They are all based on emotions and feelings! 
Petri: I like to write lyrics that can be interpreted in more than one way. There's always a very specific meaning at the core, but I think any interpretation is right. I want anyone to be able to relate to our songs, in their own way, and thus make it their own personal story.

How would you like the world to see you?
We want the world to see us for the people we actually are: Four simpletons chasing our one and common dream through music. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why do you think you stick out from other artists in your genre?

We mix a lot of influences and make our own thing out of it, but the music is light and easy for people to get. We put so much work and love into whatever we do to ensure it gets perfect.

What is your thought on your fans?
We're amazed beyond words. They've believed in us since our earliest days, and its their fantastic support and love that keeps us going.

How did you come to pick your band name?
Petri and Kitcha sat for many hours, brainstorming all kinds of words and languages.

Are there any last words you want to tell your fans and the readers?
We want to thank each and every one of you.

Though Crestillion is a younger band they still love hearing from their fans and what they have to say. So don’t be afraid to contact them on any of these sites and stay tuned. Because they have more in store for us down the road.