The Relapse Symphony is a band from Washington, DC they may be a young band they will go for in their music career as a band. They are a rock band that is amazingly talented. The Relapse Symphony already has one EP “Time’s Running Out” that you get on ITunes. So keep a look out for them because they have so much amazing stuff going to start soon. So they are here to stay and they well go for in life.

Okay, cool. Next question I have is what was the first artist you learned from or were inspired by?
The very first would have to be Elvis Presley. When I was a child, really young, and Elvis Presley concert videos. That I watched constantly. And then from there it was like axel rose and Iggy Pop.

Were any of them also influence on your band today?
Absolutely. Them for me, especially, as a front man. I've always been really captivated by lead singers that seem to be out of their minds, for some reason. I don't know, just maybe-- It's always... been, I don't know. For me, it's like I have a lot more fun watching somebody that puts a lot of their passion into what they do. So people like Elvis Presley, or Axel Rose, or any pop, or Is there anybody like that? A lot of people watch them and go, Wow, this fucking guy is crazy. But to me, it's just like what I see is somebody putting their entire being and their heart and soul into what they do. And, I don't think you can take away an ounce from anybody who does that. So, and absolutely this band has so many different influences among all the members. Through me, I'm more like I'm really into 70's punk rock. Alex is the hair metal guy. He is really into Motley Crue and Skid Row and stuff like that, which I love too. I grew up on that stuff because of my Dad. Guns and Roses is another band we all love. So there is just a whole bunch of in modern stuff too like the Used. We like My Chemical Romance, just all that stuff put into a blend is what we are.

Being on the fact that we're on influence, would you say your family plays a big part in where you are today?
My family... I wouldn't say-- My dad, he was the rock and roll when he was a teenager, so... Then, my parents
had me very young, so I was born into this world of rock music. It was just always there. I play rock music the same way that somebody would go to college to become a doctor. It's normal for me. I wear, the clothes t he same way that somebody would wear their shirt to work or like a suit if you're a lawyer. That's where I come from. Some of the other guys are the same way, but more along the lines of it was something they found like when they were teenagers and something that got them through the awkward years of growing up. But for me, it was just normal life to be this way. So, I've always been this way. So did it automatically naturally come to as you were growing up. Since your dad was big into music.

Who were some of the first teachers you ever run into that help to teach you it, Well, see that's the thing, is
I've never had anybody teach me how to play an instrument?
I've never had anybody coach me on how to sing... So it just comes pretty naturally to you then. Yeah, I mean there's nobody there... that is was like this is cool wear, this isn't cool wear, nothing like that. It was really just me. Everything I know how to do today-- It was me literally being so encompassed in this world that I watched everything my heroes did. I've you know... I just emulated that because I loved it so much, you know, I mean I studied every move and every look, every, like, way to play, like... So, I mean, rock and roll has been my entire life up until this point. I have no other skills. I can't work on a car or anything like that. I'm not good at math or science, but I can write song.

So, when you're doing live performances and stuff, how do you handle mistakes on stage?
To be honest with you I don't even notice it at the time. I mean there. Habit, and they always will. I would rather just go out there and-- It's like I said, my band gets I freaked out, because they know me as this shy, quite kid that is like their little brother. And then, once we hit the stage, I'm told that I'm completely insane. So, they get weirded out for me, it's just like, I take that, half an hour that we have and put all of my frustrations and everything that has bothered me throughout the week or any kind of demons that I deal with, or anything like that. I put it into my performance and exercise that way. So, as far as mistakes go, I'm too caught up in giving the best possible show that I can to even realize that a mistake happened. But people fuck up. It's rock 'n roll. Nobody's coming to the show to see how great of a musician you are. This isn't like - it's just you're up there, you do your thing, you give them a great show, and everybody has fun.

Being that your fan see you as a shy person, so I take you get pretty nervous before shows?
I actually have a thing where - it's funny because, it's like a nervous thing I do - I'm usually nervous I'll think, we have to play tonight I hope the show goes well. But as soon as gets time to play, that turns into this adrenaline rush that I get, and I paced back and forth like a crazy person, my band looks on and they're like a lot of the
times people ask me if I am alright. I'm just ready to go, it is just a big adrenaline rush for me. Before we go on stage and then as soon as our intro hits and I run out there, it's like it's over man.

How often to you guys get together to practice?
Quite often we practice at least a couple times every week. At this point though, we're pulling in a lot more shows. And all that kind of stuff so we don't have to rehearse as much because it's like muscle memory at this point. We've been playing these songs over and over again forever, so.

When you play shows do you prefer smaller ones or bigger shows?
I think both have a good quality about them when you play a smaller show, one thing I do like a lot is that you're much more intimate with your audience. They're very I like the teens to be in my face. I like to be able to grab at the band and jump on the stage and jump back off. I like that new stuff. And as far bigger shows go- I mean that's awesome too. You get to play on a bigger stage there's more room for the band. There’s more kids that can hang out and watch the show. The kids are louder and crazier. Both are great now. I love playing live, basically, so I'm not really picky as far as that goes. Being that you're with Standby Record Labels, do you like In plane with a lot of set on their record. Yeah we played a, we played like a rites our friends bars. And turned it into a show with baby suicide is on our label too. We haven't actually really had to many opportunities to play with too many bands on the label. But I'm, I mean honestly like I'm with these people where I'm willing to play with any bet but tip and bet everywhere in front of me Gladly play with you, I guess am not intimidated by you at all, so.

Is there any kind of tours coming up that you're hoping to get on or be part of?
We have actually had some really awesome offers but its noting I can say or talk about it. But there has been some really cool stuff come up. I will say with out giving away too much.

so your shy? Do you ever end up being so nervous that you've ended up breaking down in tears on stage performing? Or no, that hasn't happened to you, that you get enough adrenaline that you're So hyped up that it get you though?
No. As far as the shy thing goes, I don't necessarily see-- I mean, I guess that I am, but... I'm sort of the quiet
type. Usually meeting fans It's fun for me, I don't know. It's something that my band tells me. They're like:
you're so shy and quiet usually, but when we watch you play, you-- for me when I get on stage man I don't get nerves its all hydra-ling I just feel like when you're born to do something, it's not unusual to you at all. I don't know, I don't get nervous I mean I just think like this is what we're meant to do so to me it just feels natural.
It's like yeah, this what I should be doing and I wish it didn't have to end it but unfortunately it does. I never
got like broken down or anything like that, I just, you know, playing live makes me very happy right know.

That's cool. So how did your band come to actually being together? As in, how did it get it's members - along the way or did you just all come together at a certain point?
It's actually kind of a funny story. Me, JC, and Alex, we've all known each other for quite a few years. Back in 09 don't wanna say that they were playing in a band together, like a punk rock band, and I went to see a band they were opening up for, and I had no idea who they were. They were just some local band to me at the time. And they came out and played, and I loved them. I was: " Holy shit! this band is awesome!" And they were opening for a band that wasn't really in their genre, but kind of seemed like to them the-- It's their reaction to their band was really weird. And I seem to be the only kid that was really into their band, so have you ever seen Jay-Z? He
reminded me a lot of him. So I was really stoked on the band-- I loved it. And I talked to them afterwards... I've left the show that night, and forgot about it - me and Alex would see each other at the same club and then we go a lot of the same shit that others, so we knew each other that way. And then one day it was like we all seemed to hit a spot around the same time. Where like all of our bands. We were in, were kind of falling apart. And we were left with nothing to do. So one day I got a call from Alex, which was weird because we never really talked like friends or anything it was just sort of like hey man what's up, you know like at shit. It is like hey you're my friend this is you seeing us start. This band we weren't the singer. At first I was in denial about my band going nowhere, so I was like " I got my own thing", like complete idiot, and then he called me fewer times. Look man we really want you to sing in this band and then we met up at a bar which is kind of funny because at the time I had really bad strep throat so m y voice was completely gone. I had no voice. They wanted me to be the singer of the band, but I can't even talk. Like when we all meat that's kind of funny. And then we met that way and Tyler and Brandon just: " I'm in!" And before I joined up with JC and Alex. They were just - we all were, Fuck it. Let's do it. Now, we're here.

What do you think your fan reaction was to your EP that's out, " Burning Bridges"? our fan reaction? Yes, do
you think they liked it?
Absolutely, I mean when we put out the EP and it charted really well on the iTunes Rock Charts, which we
were blown away by all that. When you put out... I mean-- For me this is like the first thing I've ever put out
on like a record company you know that stuff, so I didn't put it out thing, like oh it's like this. Like I just hoped they were sort of thing like I hope it does really well and then you did and then we all really happy and as I said I tried very well ITM. The Kids are still discovering it, and buying it, and loving it. I haven't heard really one bad thing. I'll go on Google, and I'll search Here's an EP and I haven't seen one bad one. It's been really, really good, man. We're all really happy. We love the EP. We're proud of it, so it's really rewarding to know that everybody else loves it just as much.

Is there any particular songs you like to play on it better, or perform?
I really love doing panic and burning bridges just because their like the more high energy like aggressive songs in each transfer. It's much better live. They're great for a live setting, because of the high energy and all that stuff. But really-- I looked at the whole thing because I love all five songs so much. I know-- you know
everybody-- it's your music so obviously your going to like it but, man I can’t pick a favorite I love them all

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in your music?
As far as performing finding your self on stage getting lost in it and than coming back to realizing where you are. Well not really?
Not really I mean like these songs are such a part of us and we loved them so much we listened to them, we play them all the time. And I don't think that could happen, it's just it's like I said their muscle memory at this point. it's in our blood, so...

How'd you come by being signed with Standby Record Label?
That was a thing where, we launched Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff, we put up a song and he just took to it so quickly and so passionately and it kind of blew up a lot quicker than we expected. And some how Neil saw that- the owner of Standby Record and he really liked the song and he really liked what we were about and then we heard from him he said he really liked what you guys and doing and I'd like to sign you and then it just happened that way.

Are thinking that you are going stay with Stand By Records in the long run?
Yeah, standby's are really great to us. I mean, they're a really great label. They really understand what we're doing. They can really market us in the way that we need to be. So, yeah, absolutely.

That you guys do a lot of tours and stuff, or are going to be doing a lot of tours coming up. Do you think it makes it harder for you guys to live a normal life, like if anybody else?
Let's see. That's a hard question for me to answer, because the best part of touring and doing what we do.
That's the life that I've wanted my entire life so I'm not going to miss being " normal" at all maybe for the other guys. They miss their families, their friends, whatever... But for me, I was more of a longer type like. I'm more-- I'm along the lines of I'm not the guy who has lot of friends but the friends I do have are very important. So I dedicated my entire life to music and doing what we're doing, so for me it's just going to be more normal than not touring, so to speak.

Do you think people view you differently? Since you have this ant bullying video come out? Do you think
they've seen a different side to you that they wouldn't have seen before without this video?
but I think that’s always been apart of our message because we've always those kids who were. like in school, we were fucked with and we were beat up. So that's always been naturally a part of something we wanted to that I feel like, there's not enough bands that are there for those kids in genuine-- in saying that, I feel like It's really becoming a thing. Like bands use that as a marking tool and they try to sell it. It really pisses me off because I really lived that shit, you know, I went through tough times when I was a kid and so did the rest the guys in my band. Which I'm not to say that anybody went through anything worse than they did or didn't go though anything... bad but I just feel like the addiction we use is like a marketing thing like it's getting that way but I mean for us it's all better part of growing what to say and all that. If people see us differently then I don't know. I hope that's a good thing. And hope they don't say, Oh, they want to help kids, what a bunch of dicks. For us it's just always been a part of what we always wanted to say.

Was it harder for you, since it's so personal to you to make this video?
I wouldn't say it would be hard as far as the recollection of likes certain memory’s it comes from talking about
that but me what’s more worth it is letting someone else know, when it feels like they are alone or feels like I did when I was a kid. I was the kid that everybody fucked with. If some one like Axl Rose or Johnny Thunder of if some one like them if they where to make a video and said we know hoe you feel. That like you can get through it, like hurting yourself isn't the answer like think you're better than that, like things, like that. That would help you tremendously. And me having the opportunity to that, for another generation of kids that like my band its a blessing for me its really important for me to be able to give back that for someone else. I wouldn't say it was hard, really, it was just really something I wanted to do.

How do you like getting on Ustream?
Because I know you were on Ustream all the time, connecting with your fans.I love it, man. I really look
forward to do those chats every week unfortunately stick had to shut down so we use Ustream which is fine
but yes I look forward to that stuff.. And then they always make me laugh and smile, so it's a good time. So,
And I hope I do the same for them. And it's a good way to keep up with how they're doing and they want to know what's new with us and we found an easy way to do that.

You said on your last Ustream that you were starting a fan of the week contest. How is that going for you?
It's going great, we've got a lot of cool things when we started that I like which anything is really cool that we did because I have noticed that we get a lot more fan art work things like that and I like People are being creative. You know what I mean?
I think, to me, it's more than, " Oh, you're the fan of the week." It's, " Oh, yeah. You're doing something creative." And, I think that's cool. I think a lot more people she be creative. So that’s really made me happy. Absolutely them putting in the hard work to make is something they're proud of and that they're giving it to us, trying to compete for the fan of the week it's flattering, and it means a lot to us. So, it's something really cool that I'm glad we started doing.

Going back to Ustream do you find it odd that That people will ask you if you are dating anybody at the time or ask if you're single all the time? Or have you gotten so used to people just asking that, that you're fine with it?
No, that doesn't bother me. It's just - I think that when I was dating someone, or what not. I was the one that chows to put it on the internet. So... I mean that's only-- I'm going to share that with this people-- you know, they have every right in the world to asking me questions about it and they're our fans. I look at them as like our family, I like to look at them that way. for them to ask me how am I doing or am I single or anything like that, that doesn't bother me at all.

Do you wish your band would try to get on U-Stream more with you or are you find getting on yourself?
You don't care if the rest of the band is there it's a thing were like-- we all do get on, I mean sometimes Alex
and JC are on together, sometime me and Alex are on there together like this is gonna -- I don't know why I
am not doing in the most, I think other else, this is something it's happened so that way it's not really anything we planned I think. Kids have fun sitting around we all do get on when some one is not busy

I also heard you came out AP how was that for your band?
Yeah, AP did 100 bands you need to know and they featured us that's really cool. We were really honored to be a part of that because we have all read ?
Magazine for so long, since we were kids. About our band and I've read the article and it was really awesome.

Do you want to pick up the musical instrument or you fine with just singing?
Play those drums when I was 10. Then a little while after that I taught myself how to play guitar and I played around with the base a little bit... down by the guitar and anything he does, but I don't know maybe Alex and JC are a bit better guitar player than me so ... I think it's only right.

When performing would you say that you try to make it more theatrical or just is something natural that
comes to the band?
I think maybe it is theatrical because we've been definitely perform. It's like when we go out there and we're
not a band sort of like stands around and does, you know, plays clubs with their guitars and stuff like that. We definitely put on a show, but I don't think we go into it thinking let's do like theater, It's something that definitely comes natural to us, and maybe some people see it as theatrical, because maybe the clothes that we wear that we do so much moving and running around on stage I don't see us as theatricals band the clothes that we wear it just the clothes we wear Everything we do is what comes back. I don't that’s theater. We not really dress in costumes or anything like that.

Do you have any plans on down the road? To with Farewell, my love, I know Alex was here not that long ago, helping them start off their tour?
Yeah. That would be cool, man. I know we get a lot-- Our fans want to see us play together. And I love to. That would be cool. It's like I said. I'll play with anybody.

Do you think that, in the near future, we could expect to see you on road any time soon?
I don't know it depends on like what both of us are doing at the time like they were recording and then ranking. Now we are working on hard record and it's like things like that. They kind of have to fall in place—
I don't know, we'll see.

Do you think being where you are live that there's a big music scene going on or is it more of a state that's not
so musically driven?
Where we're from there is a music scene but we definitely don't fit into it. Our local scene is a lot of in the indey and pop bands which is fine but we are like the eye liner band that everybody scowls at, yeah that's our place as far as the local scene goes. We're not trying to be a local band. Yeah. Our aspirations are much higher than that stuff. I know that we're much better than that anyway. So, I don't really pay a lot to the local scene, they can scowl at us as much as they want, I don't give a shit.

So where does most of the inspiration for your songs come from? Is it more a personal experience or is it more things that have happened to you in your life? Or more things like interactions with fans that come up that have inspired certain things in your songs?
It's actually all those things. We definitely are a band that writes about real life, because I mean that's what
we know we write a lot of personal It's all experience. And definitely we talk a lot to our fans and everything.
So we get really inspired by the stories that they tell us. There’s the track on our EP " Forgotten" is written about that. It's about the things that our fans tell us-- how we relate to that. It just... it strikes - it just struck such a heavy cord with us when we found out that all these kids are going through the same things that we went through so it just resonated with us so heavily we just wrote a song about it definitely we just write about it the life, and the things we experience in it. Well, I think that's kind of a good, cool thing that you do, because it gives fans something more easy and relatable to. Absolutely, yes and I think they like being able to seeing more of a personal side to you and being able be more in contact with you.

Being that your music is so relatable do you think you will keep on staying on a more relatable track? or
Will you just see what inspires you on at the moment when you are writing your music?
Yeah, I think will really always will be kind of band that just writs about real life and things we experience. I think it is the kind of personalities that we have. You know like not really that type that dreams up weird concepts to write about You're like a... really I'm on guard. Like, metaphorical things that nobody can understand. You know. I mean like that's not just us. You know, we like to write about real life and things people can relate to and hopefully the things that we go through, we can write something and someone else will here and go like yeah, and it makes them feel good because they can relate to it and they know that they're not alone. So, I mean that's kind our thing and I think it always will be.

You were talking about setting up a FanBox, did you ever do that?
Yeah. We we're working on that now. We're looking at how much it costs, and all that stuff. But it should be pretty shortly

Being there, you'll probably get so much fan though after a certain period of time, you will need to store it
I want to keep it all. I really like anything that somebody makes me. That just takes the time out of
their day to send it me anyways, something that means something to them and they want to share with me. I
would absolutely want to keep that I wouldn't want to just throw or store it away and we never see it again...

Is there certain stuff you wouldn't want fans to send you in particular, but you wouldn't mind if they
did anyway?
I don't know. Anything I would want them to send me. Would be very obvious I don't think they would send like a dead cat or something. Don't send me that. Anything like that... But anything that is important to you that you
want to share with me or give to me, that's... that’s cool it means a lot to me but don't say anything
that's going to hurt me.

Is there a particular country you'd like need to go just because you also find it a good country and it would be great to find music avenue there or?
I definitely think the UK is definitely I always wanted to go there just because I think that you can't gravitate toward band, like us, to have a certain kind of look. That rock rule sound that they really gravitate to that which is cool. But I think I really like anywhere that wants us, I'll go and I'll be excited about it because it means a lot to me that they want us there.

Being that you're so comfortable with it does it come as a shock to people when they meet you that you're
like so open about things or does it just come to you naturally?
I don't think it comes as a shock. I would not necessarily say that I'm extremely, an extremely open person too. I just think whenever you ask me about something, I'll tell you. But, I'm definitely not one to be this is all about me. Like I don't know-- so I don't think when it comes to shock anybody, I don't want to hide anything about my personality I don't like-- I just like to be who I am and be proud of it I think that's part of our whole thing like if whether or not anybody likes it or not. I don't think you're ashamed about anything and it has to do with you at all.

Being that you are here in the US do you ever reach out to other countries?
Absolutely we are being followed in the UK they are super excited about us, and it's weird to find that stuff out. It's like you get more and more messages from UK fans. They're like, Come to the UK and as fast you can. And I'm, " Shit, dude. I want to. Like, that would be awesome, you know." So, yeah, I absolutely like it.

Is there any kind of message you'd want to leave your fans?
I like to tell them always thank you so much for supporting us and you know I have to do this every day and specially waking up to their support. Their kindness every day gets me through. It's very important to me, and I want to thank you for this interview.

Here are some ways you can keep in touch with band and they love it when their fans keep in touch.