Avion Roe is a four-member band that is about hope and resurrection. They have all hit dark times and seen some things they wish they could erase but the band is a reminder that there are second chances. Music saved their lives and that’s what they want this band to do for others. Avion Roe and its member have work so hard to be where they are today. They pour their hart and soul into the music. They are amazing band that the whole world should know about and they plain to make music for as long as they can.

How is it having MTV standing behind your band?
Evan Couture: We grew up watching MTV and that’s where we found out about a lot of the bands that have influenced Avion Roe, it’s a dream come true to have that feeling come full circle and know that they support us.

How did you come up with the song “Skin Deep”?
EC: I was kind of in a dark place at the time and my band mates were the only ones holding me up, it was a bittersweet feeling. I knew that without them I would lose focus of what my purpose was and that’s how the Adderall metaphor fits in. I basically locked myself out on our balcony until I finished all of the lyrics. The words just flowed so naturally onto the paper that it almost wrote itself. We were so excited about the song that we went and demoed it about and hour later.

What does Avion Roe mean and how did you come up with the name?
EC: ‘Avion’ is French for airplane and we just made ‘ROE’ up, it stands for Rest Of Eternity. So the idea is that this band will be our journey for the rest of our lives and live on after we’re gone.

Could you give use a brief overview of the band?
EC: This band is about hope and resurrection. We’ve all been through some dark times and seen some things we wish we could erase but this band is a reminder that there are second chances. Music saved my life and that’s what we want this band to do for others. The things that happen to you in life aren’t what make you who you are, it’s the way you react to them that decide that, and that’s what we want this band to show people.

What is your thought on your fans? 

EC: If I had one breath left in me I would use it to say thank you to our ARmy. The truth is they don’t know how much they help us every single day. They are an amazing cult following of people who believe in second chances. Our fans are our family and I would trust them with my life, and actually, I have.

Why do you think you guys stick out from other artist? 

EC: We write music from our heart and perform it with all of the passion inside of us and I think that helps separate us. But I think what really makes us stand out is our fans. They’re what give this band strength and hope, we’re just trying to repay that. This band has a story and they’re such a huge part of it.
Growing up did you always want to be a musician or did you have another plain in mind?
EC: I think we all knew. I was in my first band in 5th grade and we were writing original music. There’s such a release for us when we play music and nothing else could give us that.

What age range would you say your music speaks to? 

EC: I’ve seen 4 year olds love us and I’ve seen 70 year olds love us. I truly don’t think our music speaks to an age range but rather a mindset. It speaks to those who want to believe that they’re not alone and to those who have lost faith in humanity and need to know that there’s something worth living for. This band is so much more than a collection of 4-minute songs, this band is a symbol of hope and we speak to those who need it most.

What are your goals and dreams for your music career?
EC: I want to leave something bigger than myself behind. If I can do that then I found success.

Who does the song writing in your band? 

EC: I write the lyrics and melodies, the music is all very collaborative. We often are changing and adding things up until the last second before releasing a song.

If you weren't a musician. What would you be and why? 

EC: Probably dead.

What size venues do you like to play most?
EC: We believe in quality over quantity, our favorite shows are the ones where we can hear all of our fans singing with us.

If you could pick anyone who would you like to do a duet with?
EC: Chester Bennington.

Do you plan to make music for as long as you can?
EC: Absolutely, until the end.

Do you ever get lost in the music?
EC: All the time, it’s our escape.

Have you ever been so moved by a song that you cried? If so what was it? 

EC: I’ve certainly gotten chills from songs before, music can be so powerful.

What do you feel as you sing?
EC: For me it is literally a physical release. Whether it’s on stage, in the studio or in the shower it lets something out of me that feels trapped.

Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition? 

EC: We hate waiting to play, that hour before always feels like the longest hour. The moment we hit the stage all of the nerves are released.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
EC: The same way we do in life. We keep going and learn.

Did you have any favorite musicians you looked up to? 

EC: The Used was always big influence on me growing up. Nirvana and Third Eye Blind taught me so much about songwriting. I tried to take something from all of my favorite bands and put it into Avion Roe.

What was the first song you remember singing? 

EC: Never Let You Go by Third Eye Blind, that’s also the song that made me pick up guitar.

Would you tell us how you got started in the music world? 

EC: When I was in 4th grade my friend had a drum set and taught me how to play. We almost immediately made a band and I thought I was going to be a drummer for a couple of years and then one day my father bought me a guitar and I never put it down. I was an awful singer but just kept singing, I would listen to my favorite singers and try and do the unique things they did with their voice and that made me into a much more capable singer. After that I was in a ton of bands and I knew I needed to make one that I could be serious about for the rest of my life. So here we are.

Who is your inspiration?
EC: Dream chasers and survivors.

Are there any last words you want to tell your fans and the readers? 

EC: We wouldn’t be a band without our fans. We probably wouldn’t even be alive without them. Words can’t say ‘thank you’ enough for what they have done for us. We’re releasing the world’s 5th 3D music video soon so keep an eye out for it, the song is called ‘The Escape’.

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