Dublin born singer, Rae Kelly is no amateur to the music business, despite her modest age! She has over 1k likes on Facebook and has been writing from the age of 10. However, she had to kick start her career because of crippling stage fright which didn’t allow her to perform as frequently as she would have liked.

Kelly’s set list was short and sweet in front of the modest sized crowd in West London. Rae Kelly’s piano skills were second to none on a big night for the Irish born start. They were backed up masterfully by the soothing bass, which made quite the duet. The highlight of the 9 song set was the penultimate song ‘Ignorant as Icarus’. The powerful introduction was mesmeric with Kelly’s fingers caressing the piano in tandem with her beautiful voice.

Rae Kelly is no doubt, a talent to look out for int future, but lets not overlook the fact that bassist (amongst other instruments) played flawlessly and confidently throughout the set as well!