King Tut's Summer Nights is now in full swing, celebrating the best new music from around Scotland at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. As I prepare my playlist to DJ tomorrow night at the festival, I caught up with The NK Jays who are set to debut at the legendary King Tuts Summer Nights.

Is this your first time at King Tuts Summer Nights?
Neil: This is our first Summer Nights appearance, i went to a few shows last year which were great, so we were quite keen to be involved with this year's festival.

Have you played King Tuts before?
James : Yes, we've played King Tuts a few times, the last show we played there was in April this year supporting Sea of Beas, really good night.

What does King Tuts mean to you as a venue?
James: It’s a really good gig venue for bands and music lovers, definitely one of the biggest in Glasgow.
Kenny: A good gig whether you’re playing or not.
Neil: It's got a lot of history and is definitely a touchstone for local bands and touring bands.

How much do you think King Tuts represents the Scottish music scene?
James: I think as a venue most Scottish bands want the opportunity to play. It’s definitely a venue most touring bands will want to play, probably because of its influence and history.

Describe your sound for those who are not familiar with it?
James: We are a mixture of different genres, particularly Rock / Blues and also Folk, and always contemporary sounding.
Neil: There's definitely an eclectic mix of genres and influences from what we listen to currently and from stuff with we grew up with, I guess different listeners will be able to pick out different things for themselves.

What can we expect from your set on the 14th?
James: I think the plan of action for the 14th is to Rock it up with the Electric Guitars and Drums, we like to mix it up from gig to gig.

Are you familiar with any of the other bands playing on your night?
James: We’ve already played alongside SEED at the Black Sparrow this year, really good band, really digged their music and I’m sure they’ll be awesome at Tut’s.

What other bands should fans of new music be looking out for at King Tuts Summer Nights?
Neil: Seed, Randolphs Leap, Brown Bear and the Bandits, been hearing a lot about these guys so will hopefully get to see their sets

What’s next after King Tuts?
Neil: Finishing touches to our début album ‘Patch Work Story’, which should be out in the last quarter of 2012, followed by a tour to promote the album. We are in preproduction stages to film the music video for our up and coming single "Double Dutch".