From Wigan, 4 piece The Captive Hearts are a band that produce classic melody guitar-driven pop music that former bands like The La's were loved for, and though that might sound like some statement singer-songwriter Mark Frith has already written two quality singles and he and the band are readying themselves for their 3rd single release "Con Edison".
Mark Frith talked to Music.News about The Captive Hearts.

Having Recently come across The Captive Hearts I straight away loved "Hummingbird", was that the first single the band released..

Yes it was, it was probably the last full song I had left over from the troubadours days (former band) so I released it first with the new band. Just because it was in the vein of my last band and I didnt want to lose the fans I'd gained through that band and thought I'd give them an upbeat melodic tune like I'd always released in the past.

A classic sound the band have and you've got a great voice there, in fact I could hear Liverpool bands like The La's & The Stands listening to "Hummingbird" is that a fair comparison, are they an influences...

they are both huge influences, Liverpool in general and I've worked with Luke Thomson from The Stands before so yeah both big influences. Liverpool has a nack for producing bands that sing really up and positive melodic songs and thats the type of stuff I write. I suppose it comes from being a positive've gotta be in this music game...ha.

As well as Dylan when I heard your solo acoustic versions, very nice...

yes, I've loved Dylan for years one of my favorite artists, he influeneced alot of my writing early on, especially a song I wrote called "Con Edison", real Dylanesque finger style type tune. My favourite album by him would have to be Blonde on Blonde, obvious but it's a cracker.

In short whats the history of the band, how long have The Captive Hearts been going and where are you all from, the N.west isnt it.?

We've been going for 18 months now, we got together after my last band had called time and went straight into the studio working on my new material, I hadn't planned on getting a band together at first just asked friends to come into the studio and work on instruments with me but as soon as the recordings were finished I think everyone in the studio knew I had to get a band around the tunes and get out again. We've toured the UK twice, had two indie singles out, one japanese EP...and we're all from Wigan.

Since the band have been together what have been the high points....

Erm can't really say there's been a deffinate high point but I suppose releasing our EP in Japan after only being together for 8 or 9 months was really good. we are hoping to get over there soon and maybe tour and do some festivals.

Noticing more and more bands about lately, up north and S.Wales like The Captive Hearts, classic sound and look with that Mod influence, do you think a healthy scene is building up right at the moment...

I think its always been there its never gone away its just the radio and the media throw in peoples faces what they deem as 'in' at the moment...and alot of the time its not...true meaningful music and meaningful fans will always be there.....its never gone away guitar music, bands, there'll always be a band that comes out and reminds you of why you love doing this.

Are you the songwriter in the band Mark...

yes I write everything we've played and released upto now. I've been writing since I was a teenager and it just kinda comes natural to me...I can draw quite well as welll, apart from that I'm useless and can't wire a plug!!

Your supporting The Moons on tour soon aren't you, a band that I'm sure you share plenty of influences with I guess, great line up...

Yes really looking forward to this. I met Andy the lead singer of The Moons when I toured with Paul Weller in my last band, as Andy plays keys for the modfather. hes a really nice bloke and a great musician.

If any what are the barriers today for bands on the up & coming, playing the (pay to play).

Its hard for any band starting out these days, venues have no money, labels have no money...its a never ending struggle people should only do it if they truelly love it not as a hobby.

New single as well to coincide with the tour yeah...

Yes we're gonna bring out a song called Con Edison as a free Download, just as a thank-you to the fans upto now for their continued support