London-based all-female quartet ‘M A R I N E’ release their second EP later this month titled ‘EP2’, with previous single ‘Sirens’ from the same release getting fantastic airplay and consistent rave reviews. 
All ears were on the second helping from the EP, ‘Kitsune’ named after the mischievous, shapeshifting Japanese fox demon, and among other things written about self transformation.
It's always refreshing understanding what a song is about prior to listening, obviously its nice to etch your own thoughts and feelings around a song also. But why not have both? 

I always find it hard forcing myself to try to find the likeness between other artists and new upcoming ones. Obviously an artist gets inspired by other acts, and most of the time you can hear the sparkles and twills weaving through them.
But, that's easy to dump them on the same pile isn’t it? I like reviewing the parts of songs, the little melodies that drag you in, claw deep and snuggle down on repeat in your thoughts throughout the day.

I really like ‘M A R I N E’ they are fresh, experimental and exciting, every track delivers something new yet different, but has the same skeletal structure throughout, binding the EP together.
When I listen to ‘Kitsune’ I myself instantly think ‘Kate Bush’, theres something about the vocals that remind me of her, she was so unique in her time that people probably haven’t even caught up with her style of music even now. The vocals in ‘Kitsune’ also remind me ‘Denali’ the soft, mysterious vocal flow that appears throughout the ending.

The song appears with laid back progressive drums, before the twin vocals give way to some experimental, twin clean delayed guitar, with a beautiful current and well-balanced soulful vocals. 
The chorus with its staggered vocals that ‘Ruby Jack’ and ‘Cara Sebastian’ both play off each other so beautifully, and a choral ring that cascades itself around your head like a trapped typhoon.

These girls are ones to watch, to listen to, and to wholeheartedly support, in the exciting up and coming years ahead.

‘M A R I N E’ release ‘EP2’ on the 20th of November, they celebrate with a release show at Birthdays Dalston in London.

‘M A R I N E’ are;
 Kaja Magsam - Drums, Beth Dariti - Bass & BVS, Ruby Jack - Vocals & Guitar,
Cara Sebastian - Vocals & Guitar