On Tuesday night, Rainy Milo hit the stage at Hoxton Bar & Grill for the final day of her tour. Performing before Rainy was the superb Raleigh Ritchie, who set the tone of the night perfectly with his beautifully soulful voice.

There is nothing better than an opening act full of stage confidence and talent to make you want to bust out a mini dougie!

With his energetic performance, he was to thank for getting the crowd to that perfect level of hype, ready for Rainy. After the show, I know at least half of the audience must have searched for his name and his music!

At Music News we're already fans of Rainy and we did not leave her latest gig disappointed. We love her style, vocals and approach to music. It was hard to critique the show because you just couldn’t help but admire such a young, talented British musician. Her performance was personal to her and her audience and she never over-exaggerated any part of her performance. Her stage presence was true to her and her music. Her band should also be given credit as their chemistry was evident, resulting in everyone on stage working well together to give the audience a great experience.

The only aspect of the night to have the smallest pick at would be that the audience didn't warm into the performance fully until her third song 'Rats', which may be because her style of singing is so unique that you can't sing along that easily. On a personal note I would have loved some visuals in the background, something for future shows for her to consider. We’re not expecting Kanye West visuals but something to help convey the story. A short film could be really cool actually and if Rainy herself were a film she’d definitely be 'Pulp Fiction' because of the beauty of the story with the true nature behind it.

It was a fantastic show and I'm glad I witnessed some real Birtish talent from both Raleigh and Rainy. The show was perhaps missing some crowd interaction and some visuals but regardless of that, noone went home disappointed. Salute, Rainy!

'Rats' is OUT NOW and availlable to buy on iTunes.

Photography by Fresh Take Media.