There aren't many bands named after a mathematical formula, and even less named after cricketing terminology. The Duckworth Lewis Method may be the only such combination of the two obscure concepts, and that's one of the more ordinary facts about them.

In essence, a spot of extra curricular activity for legendary The Divine Comedy guru Neil Hannon, and fellow Irish Baroque musician Thomas Walsh from seminal band Pugwash, TDLM released their debut album back in 2009 to critical acclaim, before going on an indefinite hiatus. Both men continue to be in demand in their own right, so the supergroup, whose songs were all based around their favourite sport (yep, you've guessed it), had to wait.

Now the band are back with a typically summery slice of chamber pop fun, once again fusing traditional rag-time elements with a funky groove that could have come straight from the Electric Light Orchestra. With Walsh's soothing drawl on the verses complemented by Hannon's smooth as honey voice on the chorus, and a choir of loud blokey blokes chanting the song's title (including, unless we're very much mistaken, their regular collaborator Matt Berry), this is an instantly likeable affair.

With lyrics referencing everything from Vlad The Impaler to greedy bankers bonuses, this is business as usual for the duo - fusing pop culture references and singalong choruses with cricketing terminology to seemingly draw the conclusion that everything in life can be summed up by what happens at the wicket. By the time the glam rock clap-a-long comes along, you'll be singing along. Delightful.

'It's Not Cricket' is out now. The album, 'Sticky Wickets', is available from July 1st.