One of those “I wonder what happened to .. “ type bands, The Mayors Of Miyazaki appeared in 2008, burned brightly with a stunning and well received album ‘Buffalo!’ and then virtually disappeared.5 years later here they are with their second album and it is a stunner.

The trio are clever, punk, raucous and possess an awesome drummer in Tom Cook. The twin vocals of Gareth and Claire aren’t exactly harmonies – more two voices in opposition but they work together while Gareth’s guitars and keyboards plus ‘field recordings’ are a deal more original than most post-hardcore bands.

They attack from the off and ‘Souvenir’ seems to set out all their various stalls in the first track – the guitar lines and perverse rhythms set them in as an almost prog-punk meld and you can clearly hear the lessons learnt from their heroes. Their use of Harvey Birrell’s Southern Studios gave them access to the same gear as produced Fugazi and PJ Harvey and they have used it to great extent.

Star tracks are ‘Tongues’ and ‘Get A Hobby’ but the 30 minutes of the album contains nothing but gems.

Not comfortable or comforting at any point but the music is essential and compulsive. They will be great live on the basis of this set.