It's refreshing to hear from Tyler James that he could never be your woman. The background squeal on this track soon becomes as irritating as the appearance of the Disney Chipmunks on Akon's ode to the lonely. The hilarity is in the detail on this release as Tyler James guesses that he could never be the right kind of girl for you. The song has been around the houses more times than a milkman and this retread of an old classic is both predictable and pointless. There's nothing wrong with the track. There's nothing right with it either. It passes into memory in moments and is forgotten in seconds. As debates about the relationship between men and women go, this record sits with the Jerry Springer, over theatrical contemplations on the subject.
Those desperate for Mr James to be their latest filly will have to wait as, judging by the lyrics, he's really not interested.

Musical archaeology is a dangerous pursuit. Sure, there's the potential to unearth a hit. But it's much more likely that you'll disturb the slumber of a track which has already had its' day. ‘Your Woman' was buried for a reason. Its time has passed. Please Mr James, allow it to slumber in peace.