Bonnie Tyler is so logical a performer for Britain in the Eurovision that one wonders if it is an anti-Welsh thing that has held her back so far.

She is a huge international star with an instantly recognizable voice and sound and no small reputation with fellow musicians and the song, ‘Believe In Me’, is finally getting away from Brits trying to do ‘safe edgy’ and doing what we do best – huge emotion and great melody with a true rock voice driving it along.

There are some performers who definitely age well – their voice and the way that they put a song over – and it is surprising how many are women; Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, Beth Hart, they have all gotten better as they mature and Bonnie Tyler is no exception. Listening to her on ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ she is the quintessential rock powerhouse while on the duet with Vince Gill ‘What You Need From Me’ she has a break in her voice that just makes the song so much stronger.

’Believe In Me’ isn’t the best track on the album; ‘Flat On The Floor’ is raw and powerful, a great dirty rock song and then ‘Little Superstar’ (a Beth Hart song) is a tearjerker of a story that cries out for a strong vocalist and gets one here or the delicious ‘Mom’ that shows all the delicacy and gentleness alongside the underlying power she brings to the show.

Bonnie Tyler is a real British star – like so many others she is Welsh – and this is a fine album.
As for Eurovision, ‘Mom’ would have been massive!