This is a band will rock your socks off. They’re out and out brilliant and just designed to have fun with the genre. Their music is loud and brash and their arrangements make them sound a little like an unpolished garage band…but that’s what makes them alternative.

Each single shares a similar vibrancy and energy to get you up off of your backside and bouncing about. There is something extremely sexy and a bit overly confident about the way that GUAS go about their business but you don’t get annoyed about it; it’s alluring; it’s the way indie rock artists are given that extra leeway to unleash all of their inhibitions and provide visceral rock.

There have been so many bands that this four-piece have been likened to, but none of the comparisons can quite ready you for the approach used in Alive. It’s not always as lyrically astute as a Florence and the Machine classic; it’s not always as electronically heretical as a Goldfrapp EP and, to be honest, GUAS don’t really offer up much chance of imitating the commercial appeal of our very own Republica.

Alive has only five songs to it which is a little disappointing as it would have been an experience to gauge more of what the band is about – essentially, this group, who model themselves on superheroes often, haven’t quite displayed all the superpowers at their disposal with this one. Still, with that in mind, they’re good enough to keep a listen out for. Join me, will you?