A lot of older generations look at popular music today and are quite dazzled by some of the inadequate artists idolised by the media. Brighton's Matt Finucane is one man who has taken it in his own hands to deliver his music in the way that he wants to, as well as creating his own musical conventions.

His music has been titled off beat art-pop, with a clear focus on self expression in regards to philosophy. Finucane released his first EP in 2008 titled 'Episodes' on Light Crude recording label. It became clear very quickly how personal Matt's music is and he has had good reviews to accompany his art.

But when it comes to the new single 'Hard Science' the energy is not as present. The single is the first from his up and coming album 'Glow In The Dark'. It is to be released on Monday the 28th of May, consisting of two tracks ' Hard Science' and 'Cast Off Yr Mask' .

On the other Finucane's lyrical abilities have evidently only got stronger, and maybe his focus on writing is the reason he has been taken away from the musical side of the expression. The deliverance of the vocals forms a preacher like presence, which fits the mood but there is an element of struggle let out in his voice that does not suit the feel.

The standard of play on the single is solid, alongside old school solo's and dark breakdowns. This layered with additional effects supplies a full sound, which with some slight mixing adjustments could reduce the bass's dominance and let the other instruments breath.

A good comparison would be Nine Inch Nails with a more unclear structure. Matt has a lot to bring to the music scene, especially with his wise words and dark persona. There are varying factors that could be better on the tracks and with a little fine adjustment, Matt Finucane could deliver his true self to his listeners.