I reviewed Rob’s single ‘Just The Kind Of Thing’ a couple of weeks ago and said then that I expected the album to be pretty fine. Sometimes you do get what you wished for: this fulfils all the promise from the single.

All acoustic, basically singer/songwriter stuff but there is a touch of excellence in the playing and the quiet delivery that makes this a fine listen.

Right from the outset, the cello on ‘Catherine’ leading into his soft voice and gentle guitar draws you towards the song and begins to work a subtle magic – you simply have to listen to his song.
‘The View From The Ground’ takes the tone down a notch as the observant side of his nature takes over and the mandolin on the single give it a different, jangly and poppy feel but the standout number is ‘Cedar Road’ with beautifully played cello and violin,

The tone of the album is essentially the same all through: gentle and softly played with a hint of pleading in the voice and a warm glow to the sound. He won’t set new paradigms for music but he does have a fine eye and writes a lovely song – this could be on my player for quite a while.