I have a long lasting passion for Steve Ellis’ voice. He was the lead man with Love Affair back in the sixties, running his own band Ellis in the seventies and in rock outfit Widowmaker.
This is a man with a great White-soul voice but we haven’t heard much from him for years and since his is about the last of the great Mod voices (he was always up there with Stevie Marriot, Roger Daltrey and Chris Farlowe IMHO) we need more from him..

This came about because he was invited down to try out a new studio and liked it so much he recorded an album there – a fine album it is too.

He sings with a full, throaty bellow and the band behind him, the Big City Allstars, are professional, anonymous and provide a superb backdrop for Ellis voice.
The album consists on a few new songs - including one by the writers of ‘Everlasting Love Affair’, Cayson & Gaydon – and some covers including a Beatles song, ‘Please Please Me’, done as a soul song and all the better for it and Neil Young’s ‘On The Way Home’. My favourite song is probably his version of ‘Hit The Spot’, a full-on ballsy and brassy mod blast and the closing ‘We Got It’, an Eddie Hinton song from way back.

The ultimate praise I can give this is that as soon as it finished I went right back and ran through it again.