After the underground success of his first single ‘Low Budget Raver’ British Hip Hop artist Voodoo Browne introduces his latest release from upcoming debut album ”Browne Saucery.” “Kerse Da Verse” features up-and-coming rapper Cosha Don and the two Ipswich MCs star together in the macabre video that is funny, spooky and perfect for Halloween.

The song itself is a great UK hip-hop track with an old skool beat and some nice synthy squiggles in the background. Only the chorus slightly lets it down as it occasionally sounds like a rap/rock hybrid band but this is soon irrelevant once the rapping begins. Voodoo’s delivery is excellently fast paced and Cosha also has a neat line in speedy patter and together they have come up with some of the most impressive word play heard in UK hip-hop lyrics for a while.

It is also great to hear an urban tune about something different and this seems to be the key to Voodoo’s appeal. As with his first track he details a familiar and amusing subject then elaborates on it with his wonderful vocal techniques. Here he plunders the darkside for a tale of zombies that is destined for the top of the charts. Well worth a listen.