The name John Digweed is one that has become synonymous with the dance and techno house scene over the last 15 years.

Renowned globally as one of the first British DJs to hold residency at the legendary Twilo nightclub in New York he has worked with numerous leading dance acts including Underworld, William Orbit, New Order and Mr Fogg - to name just a few.

Fans of the cult movie Trainspotting will recall his ‘For What You Dream Of‘, which earned the Hastings born DJ a Top 40 hit along with ‘Heaven Scent’.

Over the last decade Digweed has established himself globally, securing a weekly audience of more than 14 million in over 45 countries worldwide with his popular radio show, Transitions.

Nowadays his prime focus is record label, promotions and studio production company, Bedrock which he runs alongside fellow musician and producer, Nick Muir.

We caught up with the critically acclaimed DJ post the release of his latest compilation album - Structures 2 - and his performance at this year’s Global Gathering.

Music News: What have you been doing with yourself since Transitions was last aired on Kiss 100 last year?

John: Transitions stopped on Kiss on New Year’s Day but continues in over 45 countries worldwide to over 14 million people every single week, so I have been very busy with the radio show.

Music News: How do you think the progressive house sound has changed over the last 10-15 years?

John: Well the current progressive sound from the early 90`s progressive sound is a million miles away. I don’t play any of the current progressive sound, I prefer techno, tech house, and tougher house sounds.

Music News: How do you think the DJ scene itself has changed since you first started out?

John: Well Dj`s are playing all over the world now to 1000`s of people every week. They're treated like pop stars and sell out huge venues and this didn't used to be the case. Also the sound systems and clubs are so much better - this latest technology gives people incredible experiences when they go out.

Music News: As a DJ your music has seen you travel the world, particularly Europe & North America. Where have you enjoyed playing most and why?

John: I am lucky to play everywhere and it’s hard for me to pick my favourite places but Argentina, Japan and Spain are always good for me.

Music News: What's the biggest crowd you've ever played to and where was it?

John: Brighton beach with Fatboy Slim to over 250,000 people. Amazing.

Music News: Who do you admire or respect in the house and/or dance circuit at the moment and why?

John: Josh Wink is an amazing DJ and producer.

Music News: When you're not on the decks John, what might you be listening to say at home in the car or on your iPod?

John: Favourite demo tracks from new producers that I am hoping to sign to the label.

Music News: What was the last album you bought?

John: I’m Alan Partridge

Music News: How does it feel to have been rated number 29 in the top 100 DJs - According to DJ Mag?

John: Well I was number 1 in 2001 and was in the top 10 for 10 years so I am happy some new do’s are getting to reach the top of these polls. DJing is not a race - it’s about being consistent and playing well week in week out.

Music News: If there was anyone you could accompany in session on the decks who would it be and why?

John: Larry Levan - but I would just want to watch him play

Music News: What advice would you give to any talented DJs trying to make it now?

John: Produce your own tracks and try to be original

Music News: What can fans expect next from John Digweed?

John: I am still promoting the new Structures album for the rest of the summer. I will have some new original tracks and remixes out after the summer