Already a bona fide touring band, Alvarez Kings from Sheffield, endorse their reputation with this soon to be released EP. The title track introduces the 5-track album and directly impresses with the rhythm and lead interplay of Simon Thompson and Will Pashley that continues right through.

Thompson’s vocals come across naturally and emotively, none more so than on the excellent You, Me, Them, Us where they are not suppressed by a convoluted rhythm section. Brother Paul on bass and Rich Walkers drumming hold back nicely to allow the band to create their own indie-pop stamp.

Included is The Sequel released as a single last year but it would be easy to pick another two singles from the remaining tracks particularly Dark Eyed Children that deserves airplay.

Another appearance at the SXSW coming up, other festivals in the offing, prestigious support slots and now this little gem: Breaking through nicely!

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