Seefeel certainly had something more than a legacy to live up to, as they took the Hare & Hounds back towards a dreamy beautification from a far gone shoegaze era.

New track Dead Guitars provided a reminiscent and mesmerising re-worked conceptual synth development, introducing former Boredoms drummer Iida Kazuhisa into the blend, who transfixed the track with his slow beat anaesthetic induction.

While the ethereal trademark Elizabeth Frazer-style vocals gave Sarah Peacock's atmospheric sound a sweet floaty sense amongst the oxygen, as the audience began to breathe in pure, intoxicated allurement.

By now, all signs of gravity had been removed from the room, as the waves of Rip-Run poured dolphin-like echoes into the soul of the crowd, holding onto the purest feelings of meditating euphoria.

The softened space rock sound of Airless performed a spiritual otherworldly vision, reflecting a Flying Saucer Attack-inspired daydream and new age-leading culture.

Kazuhisa's percussion became almost tribal, inviting the audience into an African rainforest for Fracture and luring them into an expressive dance like naturals.

It is still extremely relevant today how much Seefeel have influenced the indie/electro crossover, while also fixating a new pioneering style to inspire future artists.

The magic of Seefeel will always live on, enchanting people into their provoking passionate world of Utopia.

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