A Drummers Perspective is a visual feast of sparkling hardware, shining cymbals and highly polished metals, glimmering under stage lights and sticks across the spectrum of players, from household names to lesser-known gods. From the showmanship of Joey Jordison’s (Slipknot) revolving kit, Vinny Appice’s (Black Sabbath) endless overhead circle of drums, to Gerald Heyward’s (Michael Jackson, Beyonce) simple two drum exhibition kit, this coffee table classic captures the sheer joy, industry and artistry of drumming in over two hundred beautiful glossy pictures.

David Phillips gained privileged access to photograph, up close and personal, these rhythm heroes and their customised machines, without being obscured by band members or stage equipment. You can feel the energy of Clem Burke (Blondie), the ecstasy of Dave Grohl (with Them Crooked Vultures), the power of Mark Richardson (Skunk Anansie), the elegance of Omar Hakim (Weather Report, Sting, Madonna), and the effortless genius of Ginger Baker.

As Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Mick Jagger) explains in the foreword “No matter how simple one of us plays, or how famous or deserving of more recognition we may be, we are all respectful and willing to learn from each other’s singular means of expression...” And it's that individual means of expression, be it from Mitch Mitchell or Neil Peart, Cindy Blackman or Zak Starkey, that A Drummers Perspective celebrates so well – as well as its ringing endorsement of Drum Workshop kits.

But above all, for drummers everywhere, it’s pure unadulterated eye candy.

Check it out at www.music-images.co.uk