The Scottish day-dreamers return to London leaving their namesake far behind. Aberfeldy are the musical equivalent of a hot toddy on a cold winters day. They warm, comfort and soothe all at once allowing momentary sunshine into a rain swept North London night.

The band's folk roots shine through and comparisons to Brian Wilson, Neil Young and a joyful Nick Drake can't be overlooked. Singer songwriter Riley Briggs may look like Peter Beardsley's long lost brother, but his casual swagger and vocal eloquence sets him eons apart. He is backed by a remarkably subtle and dynamic band, consisting of head-bobbing Ken Mcintosh on bass, and Ian Stoddard on drums and glockenspiel. Ruth Barrie and Sarah McFayden provide the backing vocals with pianos, synths, fiddles, mandolins, and organ all thrown in for good measure.

The band play at a restrained and excruciatingly low volume forcing me to lean forwards adopting a peculiar and wholly unnatural posture but once tuned in I revel in the heart rendering gusto I am filled with. ‘Love Is An Arrow', 'A Friend Like You', 'Vegetarian Restaurant', ‘Something I must Tell You' all pleasured the bedraggled few and then the two girls pinched their noses to ‘Heliopolis By Night'.

Aberfeldy are a great antidote to the long winter nights, that's for sure.