New E.P. from On Histories of Rosenberg starts with a soft instrumental before the atmospheric drumbeat of first track ‘Am I Awake’. The collection of songs from the London band is a fascinating journey through hushed vocals, haunting harmonies and creative yet jaunty melodies, making for a successful release on Function Records.

The first track is a calm opening before the storm of next number ‘Danger Danger’. The title gives nothing away about this song; a track a hundred miles away from shady danger and plunging instead into a honeyed pool of ambient musical originality. Danger Danger leads us neatly into the second half of the E.P. with ‘A Calendar Year’ and ‘Leave Us Here’ both swimming smoothly through On Histories of Rosenberg’s imagination and talent.

This release is a hugely delightful listening pleasure, a block-by-block concoction of atmosphere and uniqueness. The fresh sound from On Histories of Rosenberg is a chilling and artistic sound that can surely only lead them into a future of more beautiful releases.