This is the way that heavy metal albums should sound – drums hammering ‘Chuggaduggaduggadugga’ at a hundred miles an hour, guitar screaming ‘Fwoooaaaarrrrr squiddleysquiddleyshwaaaang’, vocals burning through your forehead and bassline pounding ‘dubbadubbadubba’. The sheer excitement and explosive power of four like souls in the mood for bad behaviour.

Herman Frank has been through the metal wars and you would expect the man with credits from ‘Victory’ & ‘Accept’ as well as contributions and production credits to Molly Hatchet, Saxon. Rose Tattoo and Nikki Puppet, to deliver a metal classic, which is exactly what this is.

Right from the off this blasts into your ears and lifts your pulse and blood pressure. All the metal elements are here and although they could be hackneyed and clichéd he manages to avoid it through the sheer exuberance and delight in the bands performance.

Jiotis Parachidis is one awesome vocalist and actually delivers words rather than an unintelligible scream while Stefan Kaufmann hammers out the rhythms like his life depends on it. Frank’s guitar work needs no further comment – completely classic in style and power.

The songs are what this album is about though, not just the performance and ‘7 Stars’, all power and speed and ‘Heal Me’, a brooding power ballad and ‘Kill the King’ with its soaring guitar lines and choppy rhythms are future classics and the closer, ‘Welcome To Hell’, with its Ted Nugent guitar lines and Priest stylings is a great way to tell the listener to cue this bastard up again.