The atmosphere is buzzing as My Pet Shadow take to the stage to begin the Music-News Unsigned showcase at the Ramshackle. Their wilfully complex yet hypnotically melodic songs prove irresistible to those in attendance.

The Mispent rocked up on stage with little fuss and proceeded to enthral the crowd with their eclectic mix of rock n roll and folk. The band overflowed with charm, eclectic melodies flowed together and span little ditties full of life and warmth.

Inland Empire (pictured) feature next with charismatic frontman Oliver Cotton giving it all he’s got. Driving guitars, pulsing bass and superb vocals meant the huge crowd that had gathered to see Music-news’ top band of the night were not left disappointed.

Last on were Cheltenham band The Intervals. Their brand of Indie rock seemed to go down well, while their was nothing too groundbreaking on display the set was hugely enjoyable all the same, their enthusiasm more than making up for what they may have lacked sonically.

As the final notes were played and the last cymbal was hit the final curtain fell on another interesting and fun Music-News Unsigned Showcase. The bands on display worked their socks off and visibly enjoyed their time on stage.