There’s been a rush on at the moment, a rush to find the next woman singer songwriter. We’ve had a few. Some good, some ok, some absolutely awful. To my mind, none have come close to being as emotionally involving or genuine as multi instrumentalist Juliana Meyer. Sure there are more distinctive voices out there but none of them have such sublime music backing them.

Juliana's debut 'Holding Up The Sky' begins with 'Bridges' a truly heart-warming song, full of unconventional melodies, clever lyrics and a truly wonderful chorus that refuses to lighten its grip on your mind, 'Cost of Temptation' is equally as instant on the ears.

The quality of the music on this album is simply divine. Juliana is a genuine talent, her songs divert the mind from the pressures of life and let you sit back and enjoy the moment. Her lightness of touch and deft musical mind has created some magical songs.

Quality music pour out of Juliana in such an effortless fashion 'Making Profits Selling Rockets' is a funky critique of Capitalisms hypocrisies, the jazzy 'Explosive' takes time to get into but its worth every second.

'We’re all the Same' is a haunting, dreamy end to a gorgeous album. 'Holding up the Sky' is rich in instrumental and vocal ideas and all of them work. Juliana has made an album that will make you weep and laugh at the same time. Let Juliana make your summer complete.