This is completely different from previous Guillemots output. Loaded with confidence and with the sheer joy of playing this has all the essential drama that make Indie Rock work – without the emotion it is simply flat and drab, two words that cannot be used here!
The opener, ‘Kriss Kross’, is an explosion of arabesque rhythms, with a down and dirty bassline and all the excitement of a James Bond movie trailer: the electro boogie of ‘Big Dog’ almost coming as a let down after but not without its own charms. The album develops with seemingly a different style for each track – ‘Falling Out Of Reach’ has a gently strummed acoustic guitar under keening vocals and a generally soulful feel, ‘Get Over It’ is the first single and it has a huge sound full of keyboards and backing vocals and “Woo Hoo Hoo”s, a terrific slice of pop and then back into more electronica with ‘Clarion’.
The whole album is like a ‘That’s What I Call Music’ collection except it is all one band and the quality is better than the average pop collection.
Really this is just what you want from a serious band – lots of talent, good songs and enough variation to have something for everyone at one time or another.