Now I would call myself a late fan when it comes to Turin Brakes. Introduced to them by a friend 3 years ago, I took an instant liking to them. After one failed attempt to see them at the London Palladium, I find myself 2 years later going to their gig at Islington Academy. (The Palladium gig was so good they made it into an album,was I gutted? of course I bloody was).

They opened to Future Boy, a timeless classic loved by the crowd of varying ages. I was instantly hit by the intimacy of the venue, the quality of sound and the sheer power with which Olly and Gale ply their trade. Their guitar playing complementing each other so much, you couldn’t help be impressed.

They moved confidently on, jumping from album to album, each song played with so much passion it was instantly clear that these guys love their music and their songs. From 'Last Clown’, to the amazing 'Fishing For a Dream’ and 'Painkiller’, they grew stronger and stronger and the crowd grew with them, feeding off their performance. The momentum didn’t stop when they dropped in a cover version of Chris Isaac’s, 'Wicked Game’, by this point the crowd were with them all the way.

The second half brought 'Dark On Fire’, from their new album of the same name. 'Feeling Oblivion’ was greeted with roars as the crowd swung from side to side. It was the first time I had been to a gig where there were two encore’s, Olly Knight returning to the stage throwing his arms in the air to get the crowd going, and telling them, 'Call the kids because you are going to be late!'

They ended with 'Emergency 72’. Olly Knight starting the song by quietly playing the guitar and singing about being at Islington Academy, asking the crowd if they like singing and getting a raucous response. It was a moment that encapsulated the whole night. Turin Brakes have an amazing relationship with their audience.

At the end they all came to front of the stage, clapping to the audience and taking a bow. It felt like a truly genuine performance that they enjoyed as much as we did.

If there ever was a lesson in knowing your music, playing it with conviction and honesty, and in a manner that made it look like it could have been your first or last ever gig, then Turin Brakes are people to go and see.
Then again I’m a big fan and maybe you should be too,.