Garret "Jacknife Lee" is a Grammy-award winning producer and remixer who has worked with U2, Green Day, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party and the Editors. He will also be working on Bob Dylan's new album in January 2008 with Rick Rubin.

Name-dropping aside, his fourth-studio album, the self-titled "Jacknife Lee" is an oddly sexual, dark mix of grungy, electro tunes. Detached vocals couple with heavy guitar riffs and pumping beats consume the record.

The first single from the album "Making Me Money" seduces with minimal beats and glam rock guitars. Pole dancers, too much alcohol and drugs scream, and sweaty bodies scream out. Meanwhile deceptively gentler mid-tracks "I Cut Your Hair" and "Run Me Over" lead you in with soft vocals and lazy drum beats with a slight razor-sharp edge. "Monkey in the Meat" (a great title track) opens with wonderful dark, synth trumpets falling into revving guitars.

It's an interesting album with most tracks able to work at a rock gig or in a dance club. The subtle mix of electro and raw guitars with frank arrogance is great. It easy to understand why he seems to be the indie-producer of choice it's surprising he had the time to make his own album) Watch out for him producing the next REM album soon....