Sofar Sounds is a London-based events company, which was founded in 2009. For 15 years, they have hosted events in over 400 cities globally. If you’re not aware of Sofar Sounds, they simply offer intimate gigs in random locations.

Both the venue and the line-up are shrouded in secrecy. We didn’t find out where the venue was until 36 hours before the gig, and the line-up was emailed to us hours before the musicians were due to play. It’s a novel way of showcasing independent musicians to audiences who may never have tuned into their music. Sofar London was our first Sofar Sounds experience.

Seated in a cosy and gorgeously-lit Piccadilly restaurant bar, the venue was packed with an audience ready to listen to music performed by 3 independent acts. They each played for around 30 mins and, performed on average, 3-5 tracks per set.


Respair, a London-based jazz-electronic quartet, took to the stage. The band was: Segun Haughton (vocals), Andrey Novikov (keys, programming), Milo Craig (bass) and David Mordechai (drums). With audible anticipation in the room, Segun quelled our nerves and led us into a breathtakingly emotive set. His sensitive and soaring vocals are richly accompanied by Andrey’s wildly impressive classical jazz piano abilities. Milo and David’s alternative infused melodies on bass and drums, added to their elusive atmosphere, by fusing progressive jazz with the soundscapes of instrumental rock. Overall, their set was awash with feeling and, their last track 'Show Me' really stood out, as Segun’s moving vocals evoked inner turmoil without use of words.

Respair will be playing at Crazy Cows/Zedel in London on 29th October 2024.


1. Hold On To Me
2. Wait For You To Land
3. Show Me

Luka Glisa

Luka Glisa, 25 year old singer, was accompanied on-stage by close friend and guitarist. Together, the duo provided us with a mix of originals and covers. They flowed seamlessly as one, and sounded like early Ed Sheeran / Mike Posner. Their original material was a mix of pop-rap with undercurrent of upbeat melodic rock. Luka’s set had a positive energy to it and, if we could, the entire audience would have danced along. Clearly out to have a good time, Luka talked to the crowd and, prompted by his mate, told a couple of jokes! (One of the punchlines making an appearance in the final acts set!) They included two covers, which were understated and stripped back, ‘Roxanne’ by Police and their own track ‘Blissful Dreams’ flawlessly flowing into ‘Redbone’ by Childish Gambino.


1. Far
2. Roxanne (Police cover)
3. Distant
4. Branches
5. Blissful Dreams/Redbone (Childish Gambino cover)

Luka will be releasing a new single ‘Aroma Cafe’ on 20th July 2024.


Shantéh is a songwriter and producer from South London. Her original and innovative set was comprised of previously freestyled material, layering her own vocals with a vocal looper as well as using audience participation. All of these freestyles are now recorded. She brings sense of authenticity to her unique r&b and soul sensibilities. Shanteh’s talent comes from her striking voice. We were intrigued to hear a set deeply influenced by gospel. She includes a song called ‘Exodus’, which was created at a previous Sofar Sounds gig. Excitingly, she produced a new Sofar original with us! ‘Banjo, whiskey and lucky’ was the result of us shouting words at her, with a call back to Lukas telling us jokes earlier, as one of the crowd offered “whiskey” to Shantéh! She improvised her heart out.


1. Breath
2. Exodus
3. Banjo, whiskey and lucky
4. El

Shantéh's upcoming album ‘Breath’ will be out on 7th July 2024.