Scottish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Hamish Hawk careens into our streams with instant indie hit ‘Nancy Dearest’. Taken from his upcoming album ‘A Firmer Hand’, released on So Recordings, Hamish Hawk teases us with brand new music following his previous single ‘Big Cat Tattoos’.

For a decade, Hamish Hawk has been mastering his craft. Professionally renowned for his sharp wit and sophisticated lyricism, Hamish’s vocal delivery exudes an air of cool confidence equal to Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker or Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos. Musically, he has a dramatic sense of style befitting a captivating lead singer and a versatile creative.

‘Nancy Dearest’ leans heavily into Franz Ferninand’s signature post-rock revival style. As soon as the single starts, the edgy Joy Division-esque atmospheric sound immerses you. Darkly hypnotic, you’re put into a melodic trance by unrelenting drums and keys.

Throughout, we hear flourishes of dramatic rhythm guitar and synth that builds up to create a sense of urgency climaxing around halfway into the track. Of course, the band lets rip, and is swiftly followed by Hamish’s distorted vocals. ‘Nancy Dearest’ is described, on Hamish’s Facebook page, as “a song of angst, of insecurity, of loss”, and anxiously dancing to a song about anxiety isn’t a hard sell these days.

If you love awkwardly vibing to alternative eighties, nineties and naughties indie pop, you’ll absolutely love this.

For the rest of this year, Hamish will be busy on a UK tour and, in December, will touring with Travis. Try and catch him, if you can!