On the evening of 28 May 2024, the iconic Royal Albert Hall was graced by the presence of Australian sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone. As part of their "Living Room Sessions" European Tour, this concert was a celebration of their sixth studio album, Cape Forestier.

The Royal Albert Hall, with its grand architecture and acoustics, provided a perfect backdrop for the evening. The atmosphere was relaxed and dreamy, enhanced by the staging that featured numerous lamps, evoking the warmth and cosiness of a living room - a nod to the tour's theme.

The evening began with performances by Harrison Storm and special guest, Katherine Langford, setting the tone with angelic and soulful melodies that primed the audience for the main event.
Taking the stage at 9 pm, Angus & Julia Stone immediately captivated the audience with their unique blend of folk and indie rock. The siblings, known for their deep connection and harmonious synergy, took the audience on a musical journey.

One standout moment was the performance of "Down To The Sea," a track from their new album. Julia's multitasking—playing the trumpet with one hand between singing and playing the guitar—was a testament to her incredible talent. Another highlight was the banjo solo during "Private Lawns" from their Chocolates & Cigarettes EP, which drew enthusiastic applause.

The bond between the performers and the audience was palpable. Julia shared a personal anecdote about having "Yellow Brick Road" tattooed on her foot, a favourite song written by her brother. The duo also surprised the audience with a unique rendition of Miley Cyrus' "Flowers," showcasing Angus' impressive whistling skills. This unexpected cover added a refreshing twist to the evening.

The sound quality, bolstered by the Royal Albert Hall's renowned acoustics, was superb, allowing the nuances of Angus & Julia's music to shine through. Julia's sparkly sequin dress and the duo's overall boho-glam attire complemented the show's aesthetic.

Overall, the "Living Room Sessions" tour created an intimate atmosphere that allowed the audience to feel like they were part of a special musical moment. The combination of new material from Cape Forestier and classic heartfelt hits made for an unforgettable evening.

You can listen to the new album, Cape Forestier, here: https://angus-julia-stone.ffm.to/capeforestier.OPR