Brave Rival have been quietly building a great following, and it has been fascinating to watch them grow as a band over the last few years.
This single is a taster for their new album ‘Fight Or Flight’ due in August.

It is a belter of a number, after a chilling intro, the power hits like a kick from Bruce Lee and it impossible to resist the edgy and faintly uncomfortable vocal and guitar riff. Uncomfortable like the best horror movies where you know evil is lurking, but not where or when.

Fronted by the dynamic duo of vocalists Chloe Josephine and Lindsey Bonnick, Brave Rival stands out with a distinctive edge. The band is rounded out by the instrumental prowess of Donna Peters (Drums, Percussion, and Acoustic Guitar), Ed ‘the Shred’ Clarke (Guitars), and Billy ‘Danger’ Dedman (Bass Guitar).

Vocalist Lindsey Bonnick describes the new single as, "A song filled with darkness but at the end of the tunnel there's light." Chloe Josephine elaborates, "It's dark and heavy and poetically connects with the fairytale feeling of the mental health world. It's relatable but it also rocks." Guitarist Ed Clarke adds, "Fairytale started with a riff of mine, and Lindsey added the slow opening intro, with the chorus growing from there."

In a good week for singles, one of the best.