A name that is new to me although they have been about for a few years.

This is the first single to drop from their forthcoming 2nd album ‘The Infinite Hope’, and a mighty fine piece of classic rock it is too. There is a real strut to the track, the four piece outfit playing at 120 miles per hour and cranking out a strong riff and choruses.

Written by guitarist Bryson Willoughby, it tells the tale of a preacher who uses his power and position in his community to sow discord and create chaos.
Of "Holy Ghost", Willoughby says, "Small town preachers are a community staple. This one inflates his sense of being by claiming a moral authority made permissible by a relationship with God. Scared of change and losing privilege, he makes an enemy out of progress, which manifests itself in a murder for hire."

From the opening feedback and power riff to the last hangings, the track is a perfect rendition of Southern flavoured rock.

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