Another new single from Elles Bailey, another song that gets the toes tapping and another indicator that her upcoming album ‘Beneath The Neon Glow’ is going to be a monster.

Elles star seems incapable of topping out. Awards by the armload, her own radio show on Planet Rock, sold out shows all over the country, a first ever showing at Glastonbury Festival this year and still her music is listenable, danceable and bloody good fun!

This single is a real dance number. A great pop beat, Elles smoky vocals and her band at their best, it is one of those that just get you out of whatever daze you are in and just come alive. Brilliant piano and organ work, a wicked bass line, Joe Wilkes guitar ripping out a fine Blues riff.
Oh and a sting in the tail as well.
“I love the expression ‘when you like a flower, you just pluck it, but when you love a flower, you water it daily. The latter allows the flower to grow and blossom, whilst the former allows it to wither and die.’” Elles says. “This song is written about someone who trampled all over my heart and I totally lost who I was in that relationship. And if I am being honest, I never actually walked away, so I decided to re-write that story 14 years later, and this time I am the one who walks away!”