A fine recording, capturing what must have been an exceptional night at the Temperance in Leamington Spa.
Giles Robson is one of the world’s finest harmonica players, has a fine voice and a great feel for the Blues. Accompanied by Italian guitarist Manny Fizzotti on national steel and acoustic guitar, the two of them do justice to some true Blues classics.

Now, there is a problem inherent in playing classic Blues numbers – everybody cuts their teeth on these numbers. We have heard them played by some of the greats as well as some of the weakest ‘Blues’ outfits ever to traipse the Blues clubs of this sceptred Isle.
It takes outrageous talent and a deep, deep feeling for the music, its origins and its characters, to turn these numbers into something fresh and alive.
Thankfully, Giles Robson has all of that and delivers the tracks in a way that is both instantly recognizable and delivers new insights.

The tracks themselves and their writers are the ones that most Blues aficionados would throw up as a classic selection:
1. Walkin’ Blues - Robert Johnson
2. Key To The Highway - Big Bill Broonzy
3. Hoodoo Man Blues - Junior Wells
4. Death Letter Blues - Son House
5. Nine Below Zero - Sonny Boy Williamson
6. Crossroads - Robert Johnson
7. Louise McGhee - Son House
Robson’s playing and vocals actually makes you excited to hear what’s coming next – no mean feat.
His harmonica playing a delight, pure tones, sometimes held for impossibly long times and with great hold on the melodies.
Fizzotti’s guitar playing is a wonderful accompaniment.

Standout tracks – how can you pick from great songs as these? But I’d probably pick ‘Death Letter Blues’, 'Hoodoo Man Blues' and ‘Crossroads’.

There is actually an eighth track ‘G.R.’s Locomotive Blues’, Mr Robson doing a classic rhythmic and speed exercise and having great fun with it too.

A stunning album and quite possibly in my best of the year list.